Infographics are digital posters full of facts, catchy images, and sexy fonts that catch the eyes of just about everyone. And they come in hundreds of varieties.

Infographics combine text and images to communicate interesting facts on a specific topic.

An infographic can be about the 10 commandments of typography … it can be a periodic chart of SEO terms … it can be about Marvel comic book superheroes … or it can be a complicated diagram of different types of beers.

And the infographic is the darling of the content marketing world. For good reason.

Research suggests that publishers who use infographics grow in traffic 12 percent more than those who don’t. This is because an infographic, unless it’s completely awful (and they exist), will get a lot more attention than a typical text blog post.

But a good infographic takes time to create. So don’t skimp. Make it beautiful. Your audience will love you for it.


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