Inbound vs Outbound Links (Internal vs External Links): SEO for Beginners Tutorial

Today I want to share with you the difference between inbound links and outbound links. Or in other words, internal vs. external links.

Understanding these types of links is important for search engine optimization. Because Google, yahoo and many other search engines like Bing, rank and find your website based on the number of links that you have.

They do a calculation to see how many inbound links you have, and how many outbound links you have, and that way they calculate the relevancy of your website, and then decide where to rank you in their results.

Internal vs. External links

An internal link, is basically a link on your website that links to another page on your website, so it’s internal.

External links are a little bit different. An internal link means that a page from your website is linking to a different website or a link from other website linking to your website.

Both links are important. Internal links are important because they make things easier for search engines, and make your pages and your content a lot easier to find.

And external links are important because they build up the popularity of your website. If you have links coming in from yahoo, Bing or other very popular websites and they’re pointing to your website, that means your website is probably very relevant, and in theory the more websites that link to yours, the better it is.

People usually try to rig the system in order to get more links to their website. But this is not a good practice. It’s much better to get organic links, where you really get good mentions from really known websites and slowly build up your website’s popularity.

Search engines also take into account how long that link has been there. The longer a certain link has been there, the better it is, also how old the website is, all those things play a factor.

In general what want is maximize the amount of links that you’re getting into your website and also linking within your website very well, so that way search engines and robots can easily find the pages of your website.

It all comes down to building more links, creating a good experience for the end user, and not trying to rig the system or take advantage of it. Because eventually the search engines will catch up to you, and that’s why so many people get penalized during Search engine updates.

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