SEO Glossary has compiled a new search optimization SEO glossary within the sub-pages of our new website. Our SEO glossary dedicates to the different search optimization terms and definition currently doing the circuit within the search optimization community. As SEO glossary compile these terms several site owners are not very clear in what they are trying to define. I have not adjusted my findings in any way, during my research.

SEO Glossary Data

SEO Glossary Data is the storage of information produced from work effort and is manipulate via applications. SEO glossary Data is a source of information gathered in the one place for search purposes. SEO glossary Data is lots and lots of information utilized by applications.

SEO Glossary Database

SEO glossary database is a structured collection of information or data. A database is one component of a database management system. SEO glossary database of information is represented one way and one way only.

SEO Glossary Database Driver

SEO glossary database driver is just the name of a Java class in X. A database driver is there to select all values to their initial state. SEO glossary database driver is easy for the person skilled in the arts.

SEO Glossary Database Generator

SEO glossary database generator is assuming to use a memory. A database generator is for accessing multi-level databases. SEO glossary database generator is proportional to the size and complexity of the database schema.

SEO Glossary Daughter Window

A daughter window is an optional creative component and is spawn from 120 x 90-buddy list unit. SEO glossary daughter window is a 350 x 300-pixel browser, which opens up direct when a visitor accesses you web page. SEO glossary daughter window is a new browser window, usually smaller than the existing browser window that pops up when clicked on.

SEO Glossary Deep Submissions

SEO glossary deep submissions normally allowed for paid listings only. Deep submission is the submission of many pages deep in the pages of a website. SEO glossary deep submission found during deep indexing of a particular web page.

SEO glossary Directory

SEO glossary Directories are a good place for research on topics. Directories are like catalogues of collective information. Directories are becoming very popular amongst web developers.

SEO Glossary Domain

SEO glossary Domains are internet addresses to websites. Domains can be Top Level or Country Code. Domains must be register first before use.

SEO Doorway Page

A doorway page an HTML page on your website to get better listings at the search engines. A doorway page is a page that redirects to another page. A doorway page is build to rank high for a particular keyword or phrase.

SEO Glossary Dynamic

Dynamic is that it will always be measurable. Dynamic is a built in prefix operator. Dynamic is specified. Dynamic rotation is standard on most CAD applications. Dynamic rotation lets different users see different ads on the same page. Dynamic rotation allows ads to be view on different location on a single web page.

SEO Glossary Summary

All of the SEO glossary terms taken to compile this article are just a cross section of SEO terms and definitions currently out there in the search engine optimization community.

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